Over the last decade ACS Railroad Solutions has been a key supplier to Class I Railroads of cabling and communication devices that were instrumental in the implementation of Positive Train Control. We continued to evolve and modernize our PTC offerings and have introduced an array of new locomotive aftermarket products and diagnostic tools that can positively impact your operational efficiency and support your Sustainability and Safety Initiatives.

Our unique solutions are customer inspired as we work closely with Railroad Mechanical, Transportation and Comms & Signals teams to understand the challenges of today’s Railroading environment. We specialize in identifying technology successfully deployed in other transportation segments and adapting it for Railway applications, as well as creating bespoke solutions for individual Railroads that can help give you a competitive edge.

Whether you’re a Class I, Regional or Shortline Railroad, you face an array of challenges in this hyper-competitive environment for freight transport. Getting the shipment from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible is always the goal, but you’re under the gun to do more with less. Technology from ACS Railroad Solutions can help you navigate complexity and give you a competitive edge. Our product and service offering can directly impact many of the key value drivers for your railroad.

Our associate network is comprised of numerous life-time railroaders, that total over 350 years of cumulative experience making trains run on time.  Many of them are eRailSafe Badge certified, so you can be confident when we are on site, our associates are performing their roles safely and securely.  We also have multiple associates that are members of the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA) serving on committees and in executive roles, making sure we are at the forefront of technology that reduces maintenance costs, improves locomotive productivity and drives sustainability initiatives.