Cab Signal Monitor

Connect serial devices to the locomotive IP network and enable remote administration, log downloading and retrieval and other administrative functions.

  • Signaling information become integrated within the primary locomotive network
  • Ultra Cab II data becomes available for remote access, both in real-time or for later retrieval
  • Facilitate communication with signal crossing that detects lights, gates and bells
  • Alert engineers to signal issues
  • Monitor is easily configured without any special training

Ethernet Cables

Download TMS cables data sheet

Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6A and Cat 7 cables, available as shielded/unshielded, halogen free and no smoke, with standard RJ-45 or sealed (IP67 rated) connectors.

50 Ohm Radiating Cable

7/8” diameter, Low Smoke, Non-Halogenated, Fire Retardant jacket. Conforms to IEC332-1, IEC332-3C, UL 1685-12.

Wiring Harness for Locomotive Rebuilds

Custom kitted to facilitate efficient installation.

Locomotive Antennas

Low profile design, made of cast aluminum for use is harsh environments. Built to Railroad Industry RF specifications.

RF Filter Kits

Weather-proof design enables installation within the antenna farm.