Electric Wiper Kit

Electric wipers offer a superior approach to traditional pneumatic systems by combining cost savings through reduced maintenance and improved operational performance.

Tangible Cost Savings

  • Eliminate maintenance (ex: replacing rotting hoses) associated with pneumatics
  • Motor replacement cycle more than twice as long
  • Off-the -shelf wiper blade replacements – reduces cost while expanding options

Eliminate Performance Degradation Associated with Vacuum Pumps

  • Air-leaks or cold cause blade to chatter across windshield
  • Misalignment of pantograph arm

Improved Operation and Safety

  • Electric Wipers always return to home position that does not block forward facing camera
  • An additional 30 sq. inches of coverage above center line greatly improves forward visibility

Enhance Crew Comfort

  • Cut in-cab noise levels in half (60db to 30db)
  • No discharge of odorous fumes into the cab

Easy to Order and Install – comes as a kit with everything you need to complete the installation. Available for Road or Yard units, and as a wet or dry system

Ensure your train crew can view display screens clearly and without distraction across the variable lighting conditions that may occur in a locomotive cab.

  • Improve safety by ensuring train crew can consistently view all PTC and other operational data and warnings
  • Lessen discomfort glare and associated digital eye strain for crew members
  • Reduce screen scuffing and scratching, and extend the usable life of the screen
  • Cost effective – Approx 2% of the cost of replacing a broken display
  • Easy to apply-can be done by your mechanics in 15 minutes without any training

Terminal Board Cover

While most of the equipment in your PTC bay is industrial hardened, the board that terminates you electrical connections is typically fully exposed, posing a safety hazard to your maintenance personnel and potential compromising your PTC system.  Terminal board covers, in 8, 10 and 12 position versions, are a simple cost effictive way to protect your PTC system and avoid potential sanctions from Government Inspectors. 

Pro-Vision Video Capture Systems

Train Video Data is too important to trust to out-of-date technology

  • Forward Facing, Interior and Exterior 1080p HD cameras
  • Low profile, solid state DVR supports up to 8 camera inputs
  • Multiple recording options including Continuous, Event Based and Custom Trigger
  • Open API format facilitates easy integration into CHMMs and back-end systems
  • All backed by a 5 year warranty

In-Cab display of battery voltage levels, while under crank, facilitates proper diagnosis of locomotive starting issues in the Repair Shop, Yard or on the Road

  • Only change out the battery that is displaying low voltage
  • Avoid wasting time trying to jump shorted batteries
  • Simple in-cab mounting, supplied with necessary cable to easily connect to the batteries

Door Latch Tool

No more busting your knuckles trying to grasp a locomotive door latch. The ACS-RS Door Latch Tool with built-in LED light can make it safe and effortless to open a locomotive latch, even in cold weather.

Door Tether

Keep Carbody doors open and eliminate them slamming into railroad associates. Heavy duty magnets will keep the door open even in strong winds.