With dozens of sensors in use on a typical locomotive, repair and replacement costs can add up to a significant part of your yearly maintenance budget. For over 40 years Smith Sensors Inc. has produced sensing devices for use in the harshest environments including a wide range of Railway sensors that can be less expensive to purchase than an OEM replacement, and have a rugged design that can lead to longer life and additional future maintenance cost savings.

  • Sensors for traction motors and other speed and direction detection applications:
    • Single-piece design option provides significant upfront cost savings
    • Patented Three-piece design option decrease future change-out time and replacement cost
    • Built for the Railway environment with stainless steel housings. molded strain relief, multiple
      termination options including bayonet for quick reliable connection
  • Sensors with heavy-duty construction to measure the temperature of:
    • Air
    • Water
    • Lubricant
  • Standard and custom Wiring Harnesses available