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With dozens of sensors in use on a typical locomotive, repair and replacement costs can add up to a significant part of your yearly maintenance budget. For over 40 years Smith Sensors Inc. has produced sensing devices for use in the harshest environments including a wide range of Railway sensors that can be less expensive to purchase than an OEM replacement, and have a rugged design that can lead to longer life and additional future maintenance cost savings.

  • Sensors for traction motors and other speed and direction detection applications:
    • Single-piece design option provides significant upfront cost savings
    • Patented Three-piece design option decrease future change-out time and replacement cost
    • Built for the Railway environment with stainless steel housings. molded strain relief, multiple
      termination options including bayonet for quick reliable connection
  • Sensors with heavy-duty construction to measure the temperature of:
    • Air
    • Water
    • Lubricant
  • Standard and custom Wiring Harnesses available

Bearing Temperature Indicator Strips for Locomotives and Rail Cars

Cost effective, easy to implement approach to provide early indication of bearing degradation

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Excessive temperatures inside bearing casings directly leads to catalytic decomposition and oxidation of the lubricant which accelerates the degradation of the bearing until it locks or breaks. Temperature indicator strips from ACS-RS are a perfect compliment to Hot-Box detectors and other active sensing systems, as the strips provide a permanent record, not just a snapshot of bearing temperature.

  • An irreversible indication of the highest temperature the bearing reached during operation
  • Simple and Easy to put into use, no activation needed, and no need to build out any communications infrastructure or back-office integration
  • Delivered either as a kit with all the necessary strips for a Railcar or Locomotive, along with cleaning materials to facilitate applications, or in 1000 strip bulk roles
  • Manufactured by SpotSee, with over 50 years of experience in condition-based monitoring devices.